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Zoom Through History provide live and online historical adventures. Our aim has been to teach history in a fun, interactive way, whilst being as accessible as possible. 

Meet Zoom Through History.... 

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Zoom Through History is the live and online historical events branch of Ceridwen Theatre Company.

ZTH was established in October 2020 as a response to the Global Pandemic. We began by creating a heritage experience for schools, online, that was an alternative to the school trip.


We provide a unique online experience for schools and teachers. We are a new heritage education innovation  for students aged 5-14 to enjoy as part of their schooling.


Our online sessions have reached close to ten thousand school children and we are the inaugural online education supplier for Historic Royal Palaces (since 2021). 

Since 2020 the original online offer has expanded. We provide live historically costumed interpretation and historical themed events and workshops. Our clients include The Natural History Museum, The Royal Parks, The Charles Dickens Museum, The Museum of London and The London Transport Museum. 



Where did the inspiration for Zoom Through History come from?

 Nadia and Joshua thought up the idea for Zoom Through History during 2020. They both have a background in heritage and performance. Nadia grew up in a small historic mining town in Wales and remembers school trips to the local Victorian stately home, where she got the opportunity to immerse herself as a Victorian servant for the day. Joshua was brought up on the stories of knights and kings and loved exploring castles and imagining he was part of some great adventure!

It was these experiences that really brought history alive for them both and they want new generations to experience history in the same way. They met whilst performing at Hampton Court Palace whilst interpreting characters from history. Over the next three years they worked at various UK heritage sites performing, delivering and writing education workshops, as well as being a part of major events and functions. 

In 2020, they were saddened by the idea that a whole generation of children would miss out on their scheduled school trips and so Nadia and Joshua created a platform to bring history to the classroom instead, and Zoom Through History was born. 





The team have been working in education, heritage and performance for many years and include a mix of  qualified teachers, heritage professionals and trained actors .


Our team have performed at a high proportion of the the country's top Heritage Sites and Museums with Zoom Through History and as freelancers.

All of our scripts, research packs, education workshops and learning resources are made in house.

Over lockdown in 2020 Nadia and Joshua created a hit online sitcom called Monarchs Anonymous, which has gone on to be awarded Arts Council Funding. 

Other credits include The Reinternment of King Richard III, CBS, Netflix, BBC Television, BBC Radio and the National Archives, as well as working with leading historians and scientists.




Ceridwen Theatre Company


Zoom Through History is a trading arm of Ceridwen Theatre Company.

Ceridwen Theatre Company (CTC) produce high quality arts experiences for audiences and clients around the UK.

Please click the logo below to find out more about CTC. 

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