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Recent events

Member's Family Morning event; "Connecting with Nature" at the Natural History Museum.

Online Victorian Christmas 

Agincourt Corporate Anniversary Event - London 

Women's Institute Queen Victoria and Prince Albert online event

A Royal Wedding 

 Armistice Remembrance 

Service at St. James' Clapham 

Talk Like a Pirate Day at Castle Bromwich Hall Garden

Zoom Through History Events brings historical characters to your special occasion, whether it be an online gathering, party, historical re-enactment or large corporate function. We will immerse your guests in a bespoke historical experience tailored to your requirements.

We provide historical characters in historically accurate clothing, who can converse with your guests in character, perform scenes and scenarios, deliver speeches and give announcements to enrich the occasion.

Our freelancers are experts in their chosen fields and come equipped with knowledge and wit for your guests to enjoy.

We can also provide music and historical combat to really liven up your event!


 Please fill out the enquiry form below and give us as much information as you can about your event. Once we know the scale of your event we can give you our pricing.

Please note if you would like musicians or stage combat we will require more notice.

A Royal Wedding

A Royal Wedding by Natasha Bowles and filmed by Ryan Metcalfe.

Agincourt Event


An event organised by Beyond Curated.

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