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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page! If we haven't answered your question below, do not hesitate to add your question to the submission box on our School Bookings page.

What are the benefits of delivering workshops online?

Our online workshops are a great alternative to going on a school trip. Our experiences are hassle free, cost effective and super interactive, all from the comfort of your classroom!

Zoom allows us to use the magic of technology to transport you to the past as well as being able to share resources on screen that otherwise we couldn't show you in real life. 

The main benefit for our online workshops is our outreach. We can deliver workshops all over the country and indeed, the globe! 

Do you deliver in person workshops?

We are currently only offering in-person workshops to schools in London.

How much are your workshops?

Please go to our prices page on our website for more information. 

Do you offer discounts for multiple bookings?

Yes! Please specify when you enquire. Please note single bookings made from the same school after an initial workshop will not be eligible for our discount.

What is the duration of one of  your workshops?

45-60 mins including a Q&A.

How many students can you accommodate? 

We can deliver up to 3 workshop sessions in one day (three deliveries of the same workshop at different times in the same day).

Each session can take a maximum of one class. 

Can you accommodate 4 classes?

Yes. We offer a 4 class package. We could deliver either 3 sessions on one day and then 1 session on a different day or 2 sessions on one day and then 2 sessions on a different day. Please see our prices page for details. 

I can't see the workshop that I want on your website. Would you be able to offer a bespoke workshop?

Absolutely! If there is a character that you cannot see on our website please do let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you. 

What happens if there is a problem with our internet?

Don't panic! We very rarely encounter this problem with our workshops. However our host (who will accompany you on your time travelling adventure) is there to give you technical advice. However you will need a good internet connection to be able to join our workshops. We will always test the Zoom link and internet connection with you before the worksop begins.  We will also require that you have a working camera and microphone for the duration of your workshop sessions. 

Do you offer resource packs?

Yes! After every workshop we send out a work booklet and a certificate to accompany the workshop. 

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