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Welcome to our Fossil Hunting workshop hosted Mary Anning!

What will they learn?

Join Mary Anning on a fossil hunting adventure in the 1830s as she scales the craggy cliffs of The Jurassic Coast to seek fossils of ancient creatures of the deep. How did this young woman from a small town in Dorset become a leader in Palaeontology, in a time when only men were allowed to be scientists? Find out from the woman herself.

 We are always more than happy to tailor our sessions to best suit your lesson plan. 

What is included in the price?

You will get an exciting welcome letter from your character to be read out prior to your workshop. For schools, we include a Time Travelling Host who will lead the session and introduce you to your character. The workshop is 45-60 mins followed by a Q&A. After the session you will receive certificates and a work booklet full of games and activities to solidify what they have learnt. 

Where does the workshop take place?

We specialise in online workshops. Our workshops are fun, creative and hassle-free for the teachers! However if you would like a character to come directly to you (and it fits in with government guidelines), then we will do our best to accommodate you.

The safety of our actors and audience members are of high importance to us. 

The cost for a school session and a home schooling session differ. 

We offer bespoke sessions to best suit you so please fill out the enquiry form for more information. Keep an eye on our socials for competitions and discounts we are running throughout the year. 

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